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Workspace Macro 4.6.1

Workspace Macro 4.6.1: Keyboard macro & mouse macro, Macro recorder & Macro program for Windows macro. Ease your workload. Alienate monotony. Delegate repetitive tasks to Workspace Macro Recorder. Highly accurate keyboard macro & mouse macro. Create macros in any application using a simple, intuitive process. Features unique SMART Macro Technology, password protection, repeat options, accurate high-speed replay, macro management, IE plug-in, customizable UI & task scheduler. Rely on this `Record once & play anytime` macro recorder & macro program.

Workspace Macro Pro - Automation Edition 6.5.2: Macro program & Windows automation software with macro recorder & task scheduler
Workspace Macro Pro - Automation Edition 6.5.2

Automate & schedule tasks easily. Reliable macro program & Windows automation software with task scheduler. Macros in minutes. Record keyboard & mouse or use the macro editor. Pre-defined templates like Internet cleaner, Spyware remover, FTP upload/download, etc., let you automate common tasks in minutes. Features SMART macro technology, hotkeys, repeat & Turbo-speed replay. The `Record once & play anytime` macro automation software.

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MountFocus Keyboard Designer 3.2: The most flexible and powerful virtual keyboard designer available
MountFocus Keyboard Designer 3.2

Keyboard Designer v3.2 is the ultimate tool for creating virtual keyboards on the Windows platform. Keyboards created using the MountFocus Keyboard Designer can be used with any Windows application in a touch-screen or normal environment. That makes it ideal for situations where a physical keyboard is either not available or not desired. The MountFocus Keyboard Designer was designed to allow developers or users of Windows applications to design their

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XG-Wizard 2.01: Editor + Librarian for ALL XG gears - supports PLG boards, Audio and 32 XG parts
XG-Wizard 2.01

Macros comes with more than 70 tuning scale macros but you also can create your own ones # Delay Time Calculator to e.g. easily synchronize a delay parameter to a song tempo # Virtual Keyboard now with additional wheels to trigger various controllers # Transmit as Controller to edit all GM compatible sound devices too # XG-Mapper transform Controller in realtime into SysEx messages # Key Play to play melodies or even chords on your computer keyboard

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Comfort On-Screen Keyboard 2.1: Virtual on-screen keyboard displaying actually typed characters and hotkey icons
Comfort On-Screen Keyboard 2.1

Keyboard is an application displaying a unique virtual keyboard on the screen and allowing you use the mouse pointer to type the way you do it with the regular keyboard. Ideal for using on Ultra-Mobile PC (UMPC), TabletPC and kiosk. Why do you particularly need Comfort On-Screen Keyboard? Comfort On-Screen Keyboard supports all characteristics of the regular keyboard (for instance, repeated keystrokes when you hold down a key) and has additional

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My Macros 4.0: Record and play back mouse and keystrokes
My Macros 4.0

Macros helps you to automate all of the repetitive tasks you face each day. It records all operation of mouse and keystrokes and saves them as macros. You can also create macros manually with macro editor. Then My Macros can play back the recorded macros to automate recorded tasks any number of times. It works on any Windows applications. Hundreds of possible hotkeys are available to run macros. And you can play back macros at schedule timeĀ  My

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Mouse and Key Recorder 6.6: Records and replays mouse- and key clicks. Includes 135 additional commands
Mouse and Key Recorder 6.6

The Mouse and Key Recorder allows to record any keyboard strokes and mouse clicks and to store them as macros. The macros can easily be edited. Additional more than 135 commands allow to customize the macros to your needs. Advanced commands make this program even suitable for software tests. The macros can be replayed interactively, by a scheduler or by command line.

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